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Wishbone Dog and Cat Food

Addiction Foods, creator of the Wishbone natural artisan pet food brand and Awesome Pawsome dog treats, was born when the co-founder saw a need for pet food that was free from artificial ingredients and preservatives. New Zealand offers a wide range of meat proteins and other ingredients that are all-natural, grain and gluten-free, and hormone and steroid-free.

Since setting up a manufacturing plant in New Zealand, Addiction Foods has made its name as a leading premium pet food manufacturer for cats and dogs with skin and gastro-intestinal conditions or other allergies caused by highly processed food. Because we love and care for our pets as family, Addiction Foods create only the finest food for them, using fresh ingredients, high quality meats, speciality herbs and superfoods.

Wishbone Pet Food is 100% gluten and grain free and is cooked in small quantities to maintain freshness. Ingredients are sourced locally using only the highest quality free-range meat and organic produce enriched with the following superfoods - cranberry, blueberry, papaya, mango, basil, rosemary, peppermint and flaxseed.

Dog Food:

  Graze - grain-free New Zealand Beef
  Lake - grain-free New Zealand Duck
  Ocean - grain-free NZ King Salmon
  Pasture - grain-free NZ Lamb

Cat Food:

  Graze - grass-free New Zealand Beef
  Roast - cage-free NZ Chicken
  Pasture - grain-free NZ Lamb

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SIMPLY KIWI pet food
Simply Kiwi Butch Pet Food NZ
Simply Kiwi with a passion for food

Butch Pet Food

Butch Pet Foods Ltd was established in Ruawai, New Zealand in 1964 when two founders created the meat roll as a healthy, safe and balanced alternative to feeding uncooked meat to dogs. Today Butch Pet Foods produces over 6 million dog and cat rolls annually and has one of the most efficient and innovative pet roll manufacturing facilities.

New Zealand has stringent bio-security measures, strict quarantine laws, high levels of food traceability and worldwide recognition for its disease-free status. This includes pet food, which is controlled by the Ministry of Primary Industries in New Zealand.

The Butch Label range are established, proven 100% guaranteed products. Each roll from the range is distinctly different and unique. All Butch Label rolls are enriched with Kelp and Omega-3 and naturally contain the correct level of Omega-6.

Butch Pet Food:

  Black Label Dog Food
  White Label Dog Food
  Blue Label Dog and Cat Food

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