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Crown Range Cellar Wine

Crown Range Cellar is a modern wine producer that strives to create exceptional, premium wines. They constantly push the boundaries by experimenting with different styles of winemaking. This is evident in the award-winning wines that Crown Range Cellar has crafted over time. 

There is a true story of heritage that is shared by Crown Range Cellar and Glacier Investments. Our stories can be traced back to the gold rush days in Central Otago. In 1869, it was called the ‘New Gold Mountain’ in a region known for its harsh conditions, where 2,000 Chinese goldminers came to Central Otago, New Zealand.

Crown Range Cellar:

China Girl, Pinot Noir 2016
Moon Rock Pinot Gris 2018
Drowsy Fish Sauvignon Blanc 2016
The Stolen Heart, Syrah 2013
The Stolen Heart, Merlot Malbec 2014
The Stolen Heart, Cabernet Merlot 2014

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New Zealand Cherry Corp.

New Zealand Cherry Corp. grew out of a 40 year friendship and partnership between two families. It now owns the largest netted cherry orchard in New Zealand and has been involved in growing, picking and exporting cherries since 2005.

New Zealand Cherry Corp. team ensured all packing to export processes were in place to ensure quality management, traceability and food safety. A strong focus was placed on cool-chain, minimum fruit handling and rapid passage through the picking and packing process so that export to customers happened in the shortest possible time.

To celebrate Central Otago’s rich goldmining history, its fertile soils and its world renowned fruit, New Zealand Cherry Corp. is proud to announce the first vintage of a classic port-style, fortified cherry wine - Ruby’s Gold.

New Zealand Cherry Corp:

Ruby’s Gold Cherry Wine 2019

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