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Nekta NZ Kiwifruit Juice

Nekta Nutrition manufactures Nekta Liquid Kiwifruit in Auckland, New Zealand, taking advantage of the local supply of the world’s best kiwi fruit from the world’s best growers. Only New Zealand kiwifruit is used.

The plant was opened in 2011, designed to meet all international food processing regulatory requirements, and specializes in the strong but lightweight, PET packaging. Nekta Nutrition is dedicated to quality, integrity and meeting market requirements.

Nekta Liquid Kiwifruit uses Kiwifruit solely grown in New Zealand. This beautiful fruit is turned into a satisfying, refreshing fruit drink, protecting the taste and ensuring much of the natural goodness is retained.

Nekta Kiwifruit Juices:

  Liquid Kiwifruit
  Liquid Kiwifruit Aloe Vera
  Liquid Kiwi Reduced Sugar

Health Benefits of Kiwifruit Drinks

All Nekta Liquid Kiwifruit drinks have vitamins B1, B2, B6, Niacin and Folate, Vitamins C, E, K and minerals eg Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Zinc. Vitamin C is added so every glass of Nekta Kiwifruit is rich in this essential antioxidant, along with natural antioxidants Lutein and Zeaxanthan.

All Nekta Liquid Kiwifruit products are 100% free of artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

1.   Improves digestive health
2.   Antioxidant protection
3.   Helps fight diabetes & heart disease
4.   Good for heart & muscle function
5.   Manages blood pressure
6.   Supports pregnancy
7.   Boosts your immunity
8.   Improves respiratory function
9.   Protects against vision loss
10. Improves bowel function of IBS
11. Good for bone development
12. Eases constipation