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Awesome Pawsome
Dog Treats

Awesome Pawsome promises healthy and delicious snacks for dogs, made from natural flavours, colours and ingredients, inspired by recipes that we humans love. Let your pets enjoy the same food you love to eat.

Discover a whole new range of awesome treats specially formulated for your awesome pets. The Fancy Treats, Meaty Treats and Veggie Treats are all grain-free and gluten-free ensuring they are easy for dogs to digest.

Awesome Pawsome Dog Treats:

  Salmon Supreme Recipe
  Chicken Dumpling
  Beefy Bites
  Super Pumpkin Recipe
  Peanut Butter & Cranberry


Fun Facts:

  Did you know that New Zealand is a nation of pet lovers?
  NZ has the second highest rate of pet ownership in the world.
  Studies show that owning a pet can be good for your health.
  More than half of the country's households have a cat, and almost a third have a dog.
  64% of NZ households own at least 1 pet, with a total pet population of 4.35 million.
  41% of NZ households own an average1.7 cats. Total cat population is 1.2 million.
  There are 85,000 pet dogs in NZ with 34% of households owning at least 1 dog.
  Pets are viewed as members of the family and valued companions.
  For most pets, commercially prepared foods are the sole source of nutrition.
  Consumers expect high standards of quality, nutrition and value for pet food.